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What is the deposit system?

Deposit system modernization 

What are the key dates in the expansion of the deposit system?

What are the main changes?

What is extended producer responsibility (EPR)?

What are the goals of deposit system modernization?

Why is the deposit-refund system being modernized?

Who is responsible for the Quebec deposit system?

What to know about the deposit system

How do I know whether a beverage container is redeemable?

Why is there no deposit on wine bottles, water bottles or juice and milk containers?

Which beverage containers are included in the Quebec deposit system; i.e., redeemable?

My municipality has a site where I can drop off glass containers. Should I take my redeemable glass beverage containers there?

Should I take my returnable beverage containers to retailer or put them in my recycling bin?

Why have a deposit on beverage containers?

Return of redeemable beverage containers

Can I donate a bunch of containers that I’ve collected? 

With the deposit amount no longer printed on redeemable beverage containers, how do I know whether a particular container is redeemable?

The automated collector (reverse vending machine) rejected a redeemable beverage container when I tried to insert it. What do I do?

What is the amount of the deposit?

How do I return my beverage containers for a refund?

Why do almost all beverage containers now have a 10-cent deposit?

What is the amount of the deposit?

Where to return 

How can citizens find out about the list of return locations?

Where can I return my beverage containers for a refund and how do I find a list of locations?

Recycling of containers included in the deposit system

What happens to the recovered materials?

What happens to my aluminum beverage containers once I return them? What about plastic ones? And glass?