Targeted and non-targeted containers

Beverage containers redeemable as of
November 1, 2023

  • All returnable aluminium, glass and plastic containers
  • All aluminum beverage containers of between 100 mL and 2 L

Beverage containers affected by March 1, 2025

All ready-to-drink aluminum, glass, plastic and multi-layer beverage containers of between 100 mL and 2 L, i.e.: 

  • All already redeemable beverage containers (aluminum, glass and plastic) 
  • Bottles of wine, cider and spirits (glass) 
  • Bottles of water (glass and plastic) 
  • Milk and juice cartons (multi-layer)

Containers not covered by the expanded deposit system

  • Beverage containers of LESS THAN 100 mL and MORE THAN 2 L
  • Detergent and soap containers
  • Concentrates, ready-to-mix products, condiments (e.g., bouillons, sauces)
  • Medicinal syrups
  • Beverages sold in flexible pouch-type packaging (e.g., bag-in-box-type beverages)
  • Containers of beverages served at the point of sale (e.g., cardboard coffee cups)

Consult the table of the amounts of the deposit-refund :

Display of deposit-refund amounts - Article 21 - PDF

See the list of all returnable containers