Frequently asked questions for restaurants, bars, hotels and institutions (CSP)

Useful definitions :

  • CSP = On-site consumption
  • ÉCSP = On-site consumption establishment


What is the deposit system?

CSP program

How can I join/participate in the refundable/returnable containers recovery program?

Which establishments are covered by the regulations?

Who is this program for?

What is the CSP program offered by Consignaction?


Do ÉCSPs have posting obligations?

What are ÉCSP's obligations?


How will deposit-refund be reimbursed following a collection, and how quickly?

What is the maximum number of containers/bags for a collection?

How do I cancel a collection?

How can I change collection days and frequencies?

Do we need to sort containers, and how?

How do we store or deliver containers for pickup?

Which products are returned and collected by the collection service?

How often will collections be made?

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