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To facilitate collection of refundable/returnable containers, we offer you Consignaction boxes and strong, useful bags. And recyclable!


Delivery charges apply.

Please allow 15 to 20 working days for delivery.



Be careful!

Consignaction reserves the right to take back refundable/returnable containers boxes if they are not used as intended.

To all citizens

Please note that this material is specially designed for public spaces served by a specialized collection service. You can still purchase it, but please note that retailers are not obliged to accept bag returns as is.

Please check with retailer before bringing your bags.


Non-profit organizations

Are you a non-profit organization, school or fundraiser?

Contact us at 1 877 CANETTE or [email protected] to obtain the necessary equipment free of charge.


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deposit-refund applicable from November1, 2023

Since November1, 2023, the deposit-refund fee has been 10 cents on most beverage containers, with the exception of certain glass bottles from 500 ml to 2 l, which are already returnable, and which are returnable for 25 cents. For reasons of standardization, the deposit-refund charge on beer cans over 450 ml, which was 20 cents before November1, is now 10 cents.

Nomenclature Value of deposit-refund Predefined quantity Amount reimbursed
Bag of mixed returnable aluminum cans 0,10 $ 240 24,00 $
Bag of large-format aluminum cans 0,10 $ 110 11,00 $
Bag of mixed plastic bottles 0,10 $ 160 16,00 $
Bag of 591 ml plastic bottles 0,10 $ 160 16,00 $
Bag of 710 ml plastic bottles 0,10 $ 120 12,00 $
Bag of 2 L plastic bottles 0,10 $ 40 4,00 $
Case of returnable glass bottles 0,10 $ 24 2,40 $
Case of 500 ml or more returnable glass bottles 0,25 $ 10 2,50 $


* number of containers in a full bag

The table shows the average number of containers per bag according to the most commonly used formats. In the event that a facility recovers a specific refundable/returnable containers format not listed in the table, container quantities will be determined jointly on a bag-by-bag basis.