Frequently asked questions for members


What is the deposit system?


Which beverage containers are not covered by the extension of deposit-refund ?

How often should the list of products you sell be updated?

Which beverage containers are covered by the modernization of deposit-refund ?

Are there any penalties if you don't become QBCRA member or don't meet your obligations?

How can you become QBCRA member under the new deposit-refund system? What information do you need to provide?

What are your obligations under the new deposit-refund system as a producer?

What do you mean by producer?

Producers whose beverage containers are returnable for the first time

How does billing work?

How do you file your monthly declarations and remit your deposit-refund payments?

Producer's financial contribution

What about displaying ecofees?

Can the AQRCB demand a financial contribution from the producer?

Multi-fillable container management (CRM)

Multi-fill containers (MFCs) used to be a private deposit-refund managed by brewers. How will this work from November 1st?


You are a producer-retailer. How can you get the information you need?

You are a producer-retailer (house brand), what are your obligations?

Identification of returnable beverage containers

Is it still possible to use plastic sleeves or labels?

How must beverage containers be identified from November 1, 2023?

Amount of deposit-refund

Can the stocks of returnable beverage containers bearing the "old" deposit-refund amounts be disposed of? Until when?

What about multi-fill containers (MFCs)?

Why do almost all beverage containers now have a 10-cent deposit?

How much is deposit-refund ?

pick-up returnable beverage containers

Who will collect returnable beverage containers from retailers?


Do I have to enter the new deposit-refund amount on the bill?


How can you contribute to communication efforts to modernize deposit-refund ?

How will you be informed of upcoming changes?

Customer service

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