June 2022

Elyse, a role model

Mother raises $25,000 in refundable/returnable containers

Many people have realized that returnable bottles and cans have an economic value. Such is the case of Élyse, a single mother of 2 who lives in the Villeray district of Montreal. Faced with soaring real estate prices in her neighborhood, Élyse set herself the challenge of raising a downpayment to buy a property by recycling her refundable/returnable containers. An unreasonable idea, you may ask? Well, think again.

Her personal project quickly became a collective affair as more and more members of her community came to her aid. In one year, Élyse has reached 20% of her goal, thanks to all the cans and bottles dropped off in front of her home at 7201 rue Boyer. On May 3, Élyse announced on her Facebook page that she had raised $25,000.

We applaud this young mother's courage and perseverance. And we thank her for all the good she does for the environment. You can follow Elyse's journey and contribute to her Fundraising project here.