September 2020

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Consignaction launches a new advertising campaign to promote deposit-refund. With the slogan "Consign-tu?", this fall offensive features Marie-Lyne Joncas in a message urging Quebecers to return their refundable/returnable containers out of "respect for nature".

In a 15-second video, the outspoken artist reminds the public that "the days of throwing away anything, anywhere, anyhow, are over" and that refundable/returnable containers "you can't just throw it away!

"Quebecers are very concerned about environmental issues, and it's clear today that throwing away your refundable/returnable containers is perceived by most as a socially unacceptable gesture," says Normand Bisson, President of Consignaction. Bringing your deposits back to dépanneur or to the supermarket is a basic ecological gesture that avoids wasting resources: all recovered containers are 100% recycled," adds Mr. Bisson.

The campaign, which officially kicks off today, is broadcast primarily on the web, including Youtube,, noovo, RDS and social networks. It will also be presented on television on the reality show OD, once again sponsored by Consignaction. Finally, posters bearing the slogan Consign-tu? slogan on a number of arteries in the Montreal and Quebec City regions.

In Quebec, Consignaction and its partners manage to recover nearly 75% of refundable/returnable containers in circulation, year after year. However, every day, over 1.5 million returnable bottles and cans, whether made of glass, plastic or aluminum, are thrown away and eventually end up in landfill. It's vital that we all play our part in preventing this waste of material and energy.

About Marie-Lyne Joncas

Known for her daring sense of humor, Marie-Lyne Joncas has been espousing the Consignaction cause for over a year now. Her first offensives as a pro-deposit-refund influencer (175,000 followers on Instagram) date back to spring 2019. She was also seen defending deposit-refund in a series of buffoonish sketches on social networks at the start of the pandemic, in a hilarious number on the show Occupation Double South Africaand in a public service announcement on La semaine des 4 Julie.

 A few facts

  • In addition to its environmental virtues, deposit-refund provides financial support for social organizations and people in need, and has created thousands of jobs across Quebec.
  • A aluminum can can be recycled ad infinitum without ever losing its properties.
  • The energy saved by recycling a single plastic bottle can power a computer for 25 minutes.
  • A plastic bottle can take up to 400 years to decompose in the environment.
  • A aluminum can takes 200 to 500 years to decompose in the environment.

About Consignaction

Consignaction was set up by Boissons Gazeuses Environnement (BGE). The organization puts forward various programs and initiatives to encourage consumers and businesses to recover returnable bottles and cans, and to facilitate access to various infrastructures for the recovery of these containers.

About the deposit-refund

The deposit-refund system in Quebec has been in existence since 1984. It is a recovery system based on the temporary collection of a deposit when a container is sold. This deposit is refundable to encourage consumers to return their containers for recovery and recycling. In this way, a deposit-refund system represents no cost to the person returning the container. It is only the person who chooses to dispose of the container who incurs a financial cost. In Quebec, aluminum beer and soft drink cans, as well as glass and plastic soft drink bottles, are returnable. deposit-refund ensures that containers returned to retailers are 100% recycled.

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Source: Sylvie Berthiaume
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