july 2023

Think environment this summer

With summer and the vacations upon us, there's never been a better time to get together with friends and celebrate. Not surprisingly, this is also the time of year when consumption of beer and soft drinks reaches its peak. As a result, millions of cans and returnable bottles end up in the garbage in our parks or littering our roads, waterways and nature trails.

Every summer, Consignaction makes vacationers aware of the importance of not throwing away their refundable/returnable containers after consumption, but instead bringing them back for 100% recycling. In addition to a Quebec-wide advertising campaign, Consignaction has forged several partnerships with festivals, recreation and tourism facilities and sports clubs.

For the second year running, Consignaction will be present at the Baie de Beauport SunLife beach, on the shores of the St. Lawrence in the Quebec City region. With its team of young animators, Consignaction will also be touring several of the province's major parks and SEPAQs to meet visitors and deploy recovery infrastructures.

Here are some of the locations on the Consignaction Summer Tour:

  • Lachine Canal
  • Boucherville Islands National Park
  • Oka National Park
  • Parc national du Mont-Orford
  • Yamaska National Park
  • Olympic Park Esplanade (Jackalope event)
  • DISTRIX urban arts and sports festival

Have a great summer!