We offer delivery by Nationex. Please allow a delay of up to 15-20 working days.

Citizens! Note that our equipment is initially designed and made for public places who have a recuperation service. That said, you can still obtain our products but be aware that retailers are not obligated to accept the bags as is. We therefore invite you to check with your retailer before returning your full bags. 


Consignaction reserves the right to take back boxes and recycling bins for returnable containers if they are not used for their intended purpose.

Predefined Quantity* Paid Price
Bag of cans (0,05$)  240 12,00$
Bag of cans (0,20$)  100 20,00$
Bag of plastic bottles 600ml, 710ml, etc. (other than 1 L & 2 L)  120 6,00$
Bag of plastic bottles 1 L  80 4,00$
Bag of plastic bottles 2 L  40 2,00$

* approximate number of containers in a full bag

Are you a non-profit organization, a school, or are you organizing a fundraising activity? Contact us at 1 877 CANETTE or at info@consignaction to obtain the necessary products free of charge. 

Companies and organizations! Request a pick up (minimum of 3 bags required) via our online form available here. To find out if we serve your area or for any other questions, please contact us at 1 877 CANETTE or write to us at: [email protected]. 

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