october 2019

Thousands of companies answer Consignaction's call

In September 2019, Consignaction launched an advertising campaign to encourage companies to install boxes to collect refundable/returnable containers in the workplace. Companies responded enthusiastically, and 15,000 new deposit-refund boxes were installed.

"People no longer tolerate seeing recyclable materials going to landfill. They install boxes at deposit-refund , and we assure them that 100% of returned containers are recycled," notes Normand Bisson, President of Boissons Gazeuses Environnement.

Consignaction's Facebook page has been inundated with positive comments from business owners, such as this one from Nancy Lebrun: "I'm really proud of this initiative. I'm really proud of this initiative. It's really easy to consign. You just have to change a few little habits and it's done. If we want a beautiful planet, we have to put in the effort.. "

The aim of the current campaign, which runs until the end of October, is to encourage businesses to recover more, as only 50% of refundable/returnable containers containers consumed away from home are recovered, whereas around 90% of containers consumed at home are.

"When deposit-refund boxes are accessible to company personnel, it becomes much easier to return the container and good habits are developed," adds Frédérick St-Onge, Director of Operations for Boissons Gazeuses Environnement (BGE). Boissons Gazeuses Environnement (BGE).

To obtain boxes of deposit-refund for the workplace, simply call 1 877 CANETTE or visit the Consignaction website at consignaction.ca