Consignaction - Piknic Électronik

Youth, the Piknic Electronik and consignment

Consignaction is taking part in the major electronic music festival right throughout the summer season. The goal? To heighten young people’s awareness of the importance of returning their refundable containers to the dépanneur or grocery store. To this end, Consignaction has created an outsized game of bean bag toss, which players can gather around and practise throwing cans instead of bean bags. The participants’ challenge is to aim for the holes marked “dépanneur,” “grocery store” or “crusher” and to avoid landing a container in a hole marked “trash.” An effective and fun way to get Consignaction’s key message across: “Return your containers to the right place.”

Furthermore, once a week, anyone who “Likes” or shares Consignaction’s Facebook page has a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Piknic or a gift card worth $500.

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