Olivier Primeau et Consignaction

Social media stars support the announcement

The issue of environmental protection is on everyone’s lips, especially among young people who are seen mobilizing all over the West to promote green behaviour. Four well-liked Quebec youth personalities decided to support the locker in their own way, including publishing “stories” on the Instagram network to encourage their fans to bring their stored containers back to the grocery store or the convenience store.

Thus, thousands of people can see the humorist Marie-Lyne Joncas, the former Occupation Double reality TV candidates Jessie Nadeau and PH Cantin as well as the colorful entrepreneur of the Beach Club Olivier Primeau put himself on stage to make known the ecological virtues of the locker.

«In the line of zero waste, it seems to me that (returning your containers for) the instruction is the basis», says Marie-Lyne Joncas. Olivier Primeau is even more adamant: «You cannot throw away containers that are stored». For their part, the ecological couple Jessie and PH invite their fans to integrate recovery behaviors into their lifestyle.

You can see some of their videos below.

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