Putting all the cans in the right place at Baie de Beauport

Consignaction is pleased to announce its partnership with La Baie de Beauport Sun Life, a recreo-tourism site set on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, known for its broad beach a few minutes away from Quebec city.

From now on, some 20 collection bins will be installed at this popular site, so all bottles and cans consumed at the beach can be recovered instead of ending in the trash or even in the river. The agreement also includes setting up a Consignaction Fun Zone. Upon arrival at the site, holidaymakers are invited to play a giant bean-bag game in which points scored are associated to appropriate behaviours when it comes to recycling. It’s a simple but amusing way of making us all aware of the importance and simplicity of the deposit system.

The partnership between the Baie de Beauport and Consignaction is an obvious one since both organizations prioritize a sustainable development approach and enjoy common environmental values.

See the report on the program Salut Bonjour La Baie de Beauport s’associe à Consignaction | Salut Bonjour

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