Hop ! Jackalope !

Do you know about Jackalope? For some folks, the jackalope is an imaginary creature in American folklore, a cross between a hare and an antelope. But for skateboard fans, it’s the biggest sports action event in Canada with a competition fielding local and international athletes.

As part of its educational mission, Consignaction has decided to join this three-day festival, to take place from August 19 to 21 on the Esplanade of the Olympic Park in Montreal. Consignaction will be present at this festival, with its heady emotions and wild action, to make young people aware of the environment and the importance of the deposit system. Collection bins will be made available to the public and a special Consignation team will be on site during the three days of this great event, encouraging festivalgoers to play their giant bean-bag game.

For more information on the festival:

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