A new organization managing the deposit system

L’Association québécoise de récupération des contenants de boissons is the new management organization designated by RECYC-QUÉBEC to manage the deposit system. The AQRCB will be responsible for the transition and implementation of the new, modernized deposit system, which is scheduled to come into effect on November 1, 2023 throughout Quebec.

The objective of the modernization of the deposit system is to ensure the efficient management of all “ready-to-drink” beverage containers from 100 millilitres to 2 litres. This reform aims to increase the recovery and reuse of beverage containers, while improving environmental performance and contributing to Quebec’s climate action.

The AQRCB links together the various associations involved in the recovery, recycling, reuse and reclamation of beverage containers in the province of Quebec.

Consignaction also wishes to congratulate Mr. Benoit Charette, whose mandate as Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change has been renewed by the Prime Minister. The Consignaction team is pleased to be supporting both the AQRCB and Minister Charette during their respective mandates.

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