Information about the pick-up service

Consignaction has set up a pick-up service for empty returnable containers from stories, businesses and non-profit organizations. The service area includes the major urban centers of the province of Quebec, from the northern and southern crowns of the island of Montreal to Quebec City, via Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke.

Certain conditions apply. This service is not available for individuals and private residences. To discuss the possibility of a pick-up or if you believe that your business is located outside the zone, contact us at 1 877 CANETTE or write to us at [email protected].

Retailers: You must return your empty returnable containers to the company that serves your business, either the soft drink bottler (Coca-Cola and Pepsi), the brewer (Labatt, Molson or Micro-brewery) or the collection service (Recycan, Ecocollecte).

Businesses: Have you considered donating your containers to a community organization in your area? This is a nice gesture of generosity. For many charities, returnable containers are a significant source of funding.

Non-profit Organizations: Check with your local retailer if they accept returns of BGE bags and agree together on the best time to return them.

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Ten points to remember for a successful pick-up.

  1. Make sure you are located in a service area
    • If this is not the case, check with your neighborhood retailer if they accept returns of BGE bags, donate your containers to a charity or contact us at 1 877-CANETTE.
  1. Use official BGE bags
    • Fill them up to the green line, which reflects the actual value of the contents of the bag.
  1. Accumulate the minimum of bags or containers
    • You need a minimum of 3 BGE bags or 250 glass bottles to be able to benefit from our pick-up service.
  1. Sort returnable containers properly
    • We do not reimburse bags contaminated with non-returnable containers or other materials. Look for the mention Consignée Québec on the containers placed in the bags. You can view the list of returnable containers here.
  1. Group containers by material (aluminum, plastic and glass)
    • This way of doing things makes it possible to more accurately assess the value of the reimbursement.
  1. Group containers by size
    • This way of doing things makes it possible to more accurately assess the value of the reimbursement.
  1. Classify glass containers in a cardboard box
    • Group glass containers of the same size into cases of 12, 24 or 36 bottles. For transportation reasons, glass containers placed in BGE plastic bags will not be picked up.
  1. Do not include beer bottles
    • Beer bottles are collected by brewers to be cleaned and reused.
  1. Show some flexibility
    • Pick-up times and times may vary. Pickups take place on weekdays, daytime only. Please allow 5-15 business days from your order date.
  1. Prepare your bags and boxes of containers in advance
    • As we have several customers to serve, please prepare for our visit.