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March 2018

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Contenants Consignés dans le monde

January 2018

1.5 billion consigned containers
recovered in 2017

Quebeckers returned 1.5 billion containers in 2017, an increase from the previous year. Year in, year out, about 1.9 billion aluminum, glass and plastic consigned containers are sold through retailers annually. Thus, the recovery rate of consigned containers in Québec is estimated at about 78%.


Consignation parle aux étudiants des cégeps et des universités

December 2017

Consignation talks to students in
CEGEPs and universities

Less than a third of the consigned glass containers are currently returned in the deposit system in Quebec, which is why Consignaction has conducted an awareness campaign for college students and university students.

It seems that new drinks coming in glass containers are found more often than not in the curbside system or in the trash rather than in the Quebec deposit system. Kombuchas, sodas or other sparkling flavored products, which young people are particularly fond of, are often in unusual containers forms that may suggest that they are not returnable for the deposit.

The poster campaign “Am I consigned? ” was installed in the toilets of our campuses in order to change this perception.


December 2017

Fun-educational tour in
elementary schools

Consignaction will begin this spring touring the province’s elementary schools to encourage younger students to adopt the right recycling behaviors.

This “seduction” operation is part of a larger outreach program set up by the CBR (Communauté du Ballon Rond) organization, which is based on four main values to be transmitted to young people: nutrition, physical activity, cultural diversity and the environment.

Representing this latter component in conjunction with the Carton Council of Canada, Consignaction will have the opportunity to educate 35,000 children ages 5 to 12, educators and principals about the importance of returning consigned containers.

The meetings will take the form of workshops and games, a simple and effective way to learn for young people.