December 2022

The Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association Appoints its Board of Directors

Montreal, December 16, 2022 The Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association (QBCRA), the organization designated by RECYC-QUÉBEC to implement the expansion and modernization of the deposit system, is pleased to announce the formation of its board of directors.

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December 2022

For eco-friendly schoolchildren

Thousands of students across the province have taken part in the Tournée Consignaction this fall. It involves a school activity in the form of workshops and games promoting physical activity, healthy eating, cultural diversity and the environment.

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November 2022

Wine bottles now recoverable in Québec City and Victoriaville

Citizens of the Limoilou and St-Roch neighbourhoods in Québec City and citizens of Victoriaville can now return bottles of wine and spirits, bottles of water, juice and milk cartons, as well as all refundable beer and soft-drink containers at new drop-off sites as part of a pilot project for modernizing the deposit system.

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October 2022

A new organization managing the deposit system

L’Association québécoise de récupération des contenants de boissons is the new management organization designated by RECYC-QUÉBEC to manage the deposit system. The AQRCB will be responsible for the transition and implementation of the new, modernized deposit system, which is scheduled to come into effect on November 1, 2023 throughout Quebec.

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August 2022

Hop ! Jackalope !

Do you know about Jackalope? For some folks, the jackalope is an imaginary creature in American folklore, a cross between a hare and an antelope. But for skateboard fans, it’s the biggest sports action event in Canada with a competition fielding local and international athletes.

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August 2022

Putting all the cans in the right place at Baie de Beauport

Consignaction is pleased to announce its partnership with La Baie de Beauport Sun Life, a recreo-tourism site set on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, known for its broad beach a few minutes away from Quebec city.

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November 2021

News from the Industry

The Canadian Beverage Association has launched a new advertising campaign to remind consumers to never throw away recyclable water bottles.

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September 2021

Pilot projects to modernize the deposit-return

Since July 31, 2021, pilot projects have been conducted in six Quebec cities to test recovery methods and gather information that will be used to build the future Quebec deposit model.

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August 2021

This summer, Consignaction is touring Quebec!

Consignaction is taking advantage of the summer season to raise awareness among the general public, and families in particular, of the importance of returning refundable containers to convenience stores or grocery stores throughout Quebec.

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April 2021

Consignaction targets the public of Star Académie and La fin des faibles

Consignaction continues its mission of raising awareness among the general public by becoming this spring the partner of two new television programs: Star Académie 2021 and La fin des faibles.

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February 2021

Follow Noémi

Consignaction is pleased to launch its own digital comic book on social networks! Starting Thursday, Instagram and Facebook followers will be able to follow the adventures of Noémi, the central character of this comic book created by cartoonist François Samson-Dunlop.

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Une école primaire réalise un exploit

November 2019

Québec elementary school has a big win

Saint-Hugues – Saint-Marcel Elementary School, located in the Regional County Municipality of Maskoutains, certainly merits high praise for its outstanding environmental practices.

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Consignaction s'associe à Occupation Double

October 2019

Consignaction partners with the popular TV show, Occupation Double

For the second year in a row, Consignaction is partnering with the program Occupation Double Afrique du Sud presented on channel V. Fans of this popular reality TV show will surely have noted the presence of the Consignaction box in the participants’ house, in addition to seeing our messages during the ad breaks.

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Consignaction - Boîte de Consigne

October 2019

Thousands of companies answer the call of Consignaction

In September 2019, Consignaction launched an advertising campaign to incite companies to install deposit boxes for returnable containers at workplaces. The response was enthusiastic and some 15,000 new deposit boxes were delivered.

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Consignaction - Piknic Électronik

July 2019

Youth, the Piknic Electronik and consignment

Consignaction is taking part in the major electronic music festival right throughout the summer season. The goal? To heighten young people’s awareness of the importance of returning their refundable containers to the dépanneur or grocery store.

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Olivier Primeau et Consignaction

June 2019

Social media stars support the announcement

The issue of environmental protection is on everyone’s lips, especially among young people who are seen mobilizing all over the West to promote green behaviour. Four well-liked Quebec youth personalities decided to support the locker in their own way, including publishing “stories” on the Instagram network to encourage their fans to bring their stored containers back to the grocery store or the convenience store.

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La consigne, c'est sûr

June 2019

The Deposit-Return, is it safe?

Consignaction is launching a media campaign this spring to raise awareness about the effectiveness of the deposit-return. The campaign aims to reassure Quebecers about this recovery method, which allows for 100% recycling of returnable bottles and cans.

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Jour de la terre Consignaction

April 2019

April 22: Earth Day is coming

Over the years, Earth Day has become the largest participatory environmental movement on the planet. In Québec, we have been celebrating it since 1995. On Earth Day, all sorts of different activities are organized to heighten awareness and encourage the population to make individual contributions by cycling or taking public transport whenever possible, recycling carefully, being a wiser consumer, etc. so as to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint behind.

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Le Kombucha est consigné

March 2019

Spread the word:
Kombucha is also on deposit-refund

The consumption of Kombucha is gaining popularity in Quebec, but unfortunately, many consumers are unaware that this drink is returnable.
Result: thousands of Kombucha bottles are not collected by the deposit-refund system and are not recycled.

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Les scouts recueillent des fonds grâce à la consigne

May 2018

Laval Scouts collect funds thanks to consignment

Laval, Saturday May 12, 2018 – A group of 50 scouts from Laval organized a collection of refundable containers with the aim of financing their annual activities. All day long, young scouts from the 205th Saint-Elzéar Troop spread out in the Vimont district of Laval, collecting precious cans and bottles that citizens had thoughtfully placed outside their doors.

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Campagne Consignaction Mai 2018

May 2018

New campaign

To encourage consumers to return their returnable containers to the merchant, Consignaction launched its new advertising offensive on television, radio and social media.

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Tournée Consignaction Jé & Lou

April 2018

Fun educational tour for elementary school students

This spring, Consignaction will undertake a tour of elementary schools in Québec to encourage young students to adopt good recycling habits. This operation is part of a wider awareness program set up by the organization CBR (Communauté du ballon rond), based on four key values it wishes to transmit to youth: nutrition, physical activity, cultural diversity and environment.

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Consignaction - Boîte de Consigne

March 2018

Consignaction offers online pickups

Good news, Consignaction is getting more and more requests for pickups from companies and organizations!! Thank to our new online form, it’s easier than ever to request a pickup for your deposit boxes!

Online Form

Contenants Consignés dans le monde

January 2018

1.5 billion refundable containers recovered in 2017

In 2017, Quebecers returned nearly 1.5 billion containers, up from the previous year. Year after year, about 1.9 billion returnable containers of aluminum, glass and plastic are sold on retailers’ shelves. The recovery rate for containers recorded in Quebec is estimated at about 78%.

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Consignation parle aux étudiants des cégeps et des universités

December 2017

Consignaction talks to Cegep and university students

Less than a third of refundable glass containers are currently returned to the deposit-refund system in Quebec, which is why Consignaction has conducted an awareness campaign with CEGEP and university students.

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