Just because it’s glass doesn’t mean there’s no deposit!

Look around and you’ll notice that new drinks from the four corners of the world are being added regularly to the shelves of our grocery and convenience stores. Sparkling flavoured products, fruity beverages, kombucha, spritzers, energy drinks and sodas—you can find a flavour for any taste. These new products often come in unusually shaped glass containers and, as a result, consumers mistakenly imagine that they are not returnable.

But be careful – just because it’s glass doesn’t mean there’s no return deposit!

It’s all about how the container is marked. If your favourite beverage container (glass, plastic or aluminum) sports the message “Consigne Québec 5¢ Refund,” take it back to a retailer, who will give you the 5¢ deposit that was paid at the time the drink was purchased. The container will then be 100% recycled. If you’re not sure about the category of your drink container, consult our list of accepted products.

Only 30% of Quebec’s returnable glass containers are currently being returned through the deposit-refund system, while the return rate is around 70% for aluminum and plastic containers. Let’s be more careful!

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