Here we go!

As of November 1st, 2023, the deposit modernization project is taking off. This is the first phase of a major reform of Quebec's deposit system, with the aim of better recovering and recycling our beverage containers.

Two major changes as of November 1st 2023

*Excluding certain returnable glass bottles of 500 ml and over, which are returnable at 25 cents.

*Applicable to 100 ml to 2 l cans only.

Where to return beverage containers

Quebecers will still be able to return their empty containers to retailers, but they’ll also be able to drop them off at new Consignaction return sites that will gradually be opening their doors in the months to come.

Why a deposit-refund system?

100% of the redeemable cans and bottles that you return to the deposit-refund system are recycled. The system enables sorting of containers at source, which promotes recovery of high-quality materials. It is recognized as the most environmentally friendly way of recycling beverage containers. 

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